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The role of wine in mediterranean diet
Mediterranean diet means simple, light and nutrient-rich diet,which is conducive to a healthy. More and more research find that mediterranean diet can reduce the risk of heart disease, also can protect the brain from vascular injury, reducing the risk of stroke and memory loss.From the mediterranean diet pyramid we can find wine locates in the tower side.Then what kind of role does wine play?Why it is necessary? A research from scientific research publishing studies this promble with a new angle:
The term “Mediterranean diet” is widely employed to indicate the typical diet of the Countries located on the Mediterranean sea coast. A growing body of scientific literature pointed out the healthy effects of this diet. In recent years we investigated about the protective effects of a regular and moderate wine consumption. As we know, alcoholic and non alcoholic wine constituents are responsible of different effects by means of molecular and cell mechanisms. Among the non alcoholic components, polyphenols (for example resveratrol and quercetin) were deeply investigated. The aim of this review is to underline the effects of a moderate and regular wine drinking in the context of the Mediterranean diet in light of the interactions between wine and important dietary factors such as olive oil, fruit and vegetables.

(original: Wine Consumption in the Mediterranean Diet: Old Concepts in a New Sight)

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